Maintenance Tips to Prevent AC Repair in Mira Mesa

A well-maintained Air Conditioning unit hardly requires the need for random AC Repair Mira Mesa. But not every homeowner can appreciate the benefits of having a well-maintained AC. And that is usually the case right before they experience a full-blown AC issue that is costly to repair. 

Air conditioning maintenance can help prevent needless AC repairs in Mira Mesa.

AC maintenance however does not end on periodic professional maintenance care. The home maintenance car plays a huge role in keeping the AC unit working at its optimal condition. Below are some of the best maintenance tips to keep the AC working in its best condition.

AC Maintenance Tips to Avoid Air Conditioner Repair in Mira Mesa

Like any home equipment, the air conditioning unit also needs tender, loving care (TLC). A little TLC every month will go a long way in terms of preventing AC issues and ensuring top-notch AC performance. Spending a bit of time caring for the air conditioning units will massively benefit the AC system, and the mechanism itself. 

Air Conditioning Filter Care

Filter care is one of the most important home maintenance care for any type of air conditioning unit. Central ACs, ductless ACs, Mini-Split Type ACs, and even window-type air conditioners require periodic filter care. The usual recommendation is to have the filter changed every month. However, it is best to check the AC’s owner’s manual to see the manufacturer’s guidance when it comes to filtering replacement. 

For homes that use washable filters, it is best to wash periodically as well. Make sure that the filter is thoroughly clean and dry before re-installing it to prevent mold growth. Delaying filter washing or replacement could clog the filter and overwork the AC. This, in effect, reduces energy efficiency and burdens the mechanism. 

Avoid Condenser Repair Problems

The owner should also check the condenser or outdoor unit from time to time. The condenser has to be clean and free from dust and debris. Moreover, it has to have an unobstructed airflow from its base up until one and a half feet away. 

When the condenser is clogged with dust or debris, or its airflow is blocked then it will overwork. An overworked condenser causes needless wear and tear. 

Upgrade into a programmable or WiFi thermostat 

Give the AC a respite by regularly raising temperature levels when no one is at home, and during cooler times of the day. If this seems inconvenient to do daily, or hard to remember, then a programmable thermostat is the answer. A programmable thermostat can automatically raise AC thermostat levels during set times when everyone is outside the house, and then automatically revert the temperature settings to the desired levels once everyone is at home. A WiFi thermostat also does that, but also includes the capability of controlling the AC thermostat from anywhere in the world, through any internet-connected device. 

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