Tips for Window Unit AC Install in San Diego

Window type air conditioning units are very useful especially in smaller dwellings, and in parts of the home that cannot be reached by Central Air Conditioning ductwork. And while some homeowners take it upon themselves to install a window unit, hiring an AC professional remains to be the best way to have a window unit installed. After all air conditioning companies in San Diego have the expertise and necessary equipment to safely install a window-type AC. 

Here are some tips on installing a window-type AC unit in San Diego:

Check out the community rules in AC Installation window-type unit. There are homeowner’s associations, as well as building management regulations that prohibit the installation of a window-type air conditioner. Apart from it not being aesthetically pleasing, it could be a safety hazard when improperly installed. Window type ACs can fall from where it is installed if it has not been mounted correctly. 

AC Cooling Capacity and Power Source

Ensure to get the right cooling capacity for the room. Measure the room and mention its dimensions to the AC vendor before purchasing it. Numerous guides tell how much cooling power is required for a specific size of the room. 

Make sure as well that the window or area where the AC will be installed matches the size of the unit. It will be hard to make adjustments when the unit is bought and it apparently cannot be installed in the window the property owner is eyeing. So, double-check this information before purchase. 

Another thing to ensure is the availability of a power outlet. This should be a dedicated power source, and usually, it is three-pronged. Never use an extension cord to power an air conditioner to avoid accidents, damage to the unit, and fire hazards. Ask a reputable electrician for assistance with this. 

Window-type AC Install in a San Diego Home

Ensure that the window where the unit will be installed can be sturdy enough to handle the AC. For instance, casement windows that just tilt towards the outside to open is not an option for window type AC. 

Likewise, when choosing an area to install the window-type AC, choose a location that is partly shaded, or in an at least with indirect sunlight. The AC will be less efficient if it is the direct hit by sun rays. Ensure as well that airflow towards the outer portion of the unit is unobstructed. Any impediment in the airflow that is within 20 inches can cause damage to the unit. 

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