Understanding Your HVAC System for San Diego Homeowners

Understanding the home’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning is essential in ensuring that the HVAC works in perfect condition. When an HVAC works perfectly, comfort and convenience in a San Diego home are ensured. Moreover, utility bills will remain minimal, as the system is not overworked and over-consuming energy. 

New homeowners should be aware of essential information on their HVAC system so they could run it at its optimal levels.

So what should a San Diego homeowner know and understand about his HVAC system?

HVAC System Maintenance San Diego

The HVAC system needs to be operated with care. Yes, the HVAC system just works in the background, but it still has to be kept well-maintained. HVAC systems that are not cared for end up malfunctioning and driving up utility bills. Make sure to periodically replace filters and use only the cleaners recommended by the HVAC manufacturer. Using filters that are way too advanced for the unit may tax the system, and increase power consumption. 

The HVAC system needs bi-annual maintenance, at least. Professional support is required so that the HVAC can perform at its optimal state. A professional tune-up and inspection will help prevent issues from propping up. It will also remediate budding problems that could otherwise escalate into a significant problem in the heating and cooling equipment’s operations. 

HVAC System Maintenance San Diego

The outer unit should not be forgotten. The condenser outside the house needs to be cleaned and dusted regularly. Debris and shrubs and grasses should not impede its airflow. It should have an at least 18-inch perimeter clear against anything that may hamper its airflow. 

AC Upgrades in San Diego Area

The thermostat matters. Thermostats in San Diego homes should be checked now and then if it is working correctly. Do not install thermostats next to heat-generating appliances like ovens, gas range, induction stoves, microwave ovens, convection cookers, rice and slow cookers, dishwashers, and clothes dryers. The heat generated by these home appliances can lead the thermostat to make wrong temperature measurements and operate inaccurately. 

Upgrades and complementary equipment can help in raising energy efficiency and improving indoor air quality in a San Diego home. A whole-home dehumidifier, for instance, can help improve indoor air quality. Upgrading into a better, yet still, the compatible air filter can improve indoor air quality and reduce allergens at home. 

Eco-friendly HVAC installation San Diego, CA

There are eco-friendly options when it comes to the HVAC system. Ask an HVAC Contractor for recommendations and the latest information on what is available in the market. 

The HVAC system needs to be upgraded after 12 years or more. Even if it has not been malfunctioning yet, an older HVAC unit can no longer attain maximum energy efficiency. 

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