When Should You Consider AC Servicing in San Diego

AC Servicing is an important home management step for any property owner. Air conditioning units, no matter the type, need periodic professional maintenance so that it will continue its optimal functioning.In San Diego, there are AC servicing companies that are heavily experienced when it comes to maintenance, troubleshooting, and tune-ups of air conditioners. 

Regular AC servicing should be carried out periodically to keep the AC running in good condition.

It is up to the homeowner when to schedule the preventative maintenance of their unit. Usually, the owner’s manual will indicate the manufacturer’s recommendations on when to carry out these periodic checks. 

When to have AC Service in San Diego

Air Conditioning experts recommend that ACs are serviced annually. The best time to have it checked is during spring. Springtime is right before the months where the air conditioning units will be maxed out in terms of use. And as peak air conditioning season begins, ill-maintained units are likely to breakdown in the most inopportune time. 

Apart from annual preventative maintenance, there are also other indications as to when the air conditioning should be serviced. In the San Diego area, for instance, it is best to have an AC tuned up upon moving in into a new home. This is especially true for the new homeowner who may have never had the opportunity to ask the previous property owners about the last time the AC was serviced.

Strange Noises Signal the Need for AC Service

When the AC suddenly produces weird sounds the homeowner has never heard from it before then there could be a brewing issue with the mechanism. It is possible that something got worn out or came loose. A preventative maintenance check can help determine the cause of the sound, and remediate what may need to be addressed. 

Underperforming Air Conditioner

When the AC is underperforming, it most likely means that it needs maintenance care. For instance when the air conditioner fails to fully cool the whole house like before, then it may signify the following possibilities:

  1. The filters are clogged.
  2. The evaporator coils are dirty.
  3. The unit is leaking its refrigerant.
  4. The air conditioner lacks refrigerant.
  5. Other underlying issues. 

Only a licensed HVAC professional can safely address the above-mentioned issues. They have the training, equipment, and expertise to carry out such a delicate task. Any incorrect repair work could lead to permanent equipment damage and safety hazard.  

Having a periodically maintained air conditioning unit does not only ensure a comfortable indoor climate. It also extends the lifespan of the Air Conditioner itself.  

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